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Barral, <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and J. Peyrière, Mesures engendrées par multiplications (pp57-190), in « Quelques interactions entre analyse, probabilités et fractals »  No. 32, Panorama &Synthèse, French Mathematical Society, 2010.<br /><strong>2.      </strong><strong>A. H. Fan</strong> and Y.P. Jiang,  Spectral theory of transfer operators, 63-128, in Complex Dynamics and Related Topics, Eds Y.P. Jiang and Y. F. Wang, New Studies in Advanced Mathematics, Ser. Ed. S T. Yau, 2003, International Press, 2003.<br /><br /><strong>综述</strong><strong>论文</strong><br />1.     Some Aspects of Multifractal analysis, Proceedings of AFRT, Hong Kong, Springer?014.<br />2.     On p-adic Dynamical Systems (with Y. F. Wang), in Proceedings of ICCM 2007, Vol. II, 773-799 (2008).<br />3.     Some topics in the theory of multiplicative chaos. <em>Fractal geometry and stochastics III, </em>119?34, Progr. Probab., 57, <em>Birkhäuser, Basel, </em>2004.<br />4.     Gibbs measures and some related topics. <em>Trends in probability and related analysis (Taipei, 1996), </em>117?27, <em>World Sci. Publ., River Edge, NJ, </em>1997.<br /><br /><strong>文集</strong><strong>论文</strong><br />1.     First passage time in Markov chains and in random walks on countable abelian groups, Proceedings of ICCM, 2013.<br />2.     Multifractal analysis of V-statistics (with J. Schmeling and M. Wu), in FARF2, (15 pages), Birkhauser, 2012<em>. </em><br />3.     Quantitative uniform hitting in exponentially mixing systems (with B. Li and T. Langlet), in Recent developments in fractal and related topics (J. Barral & S. Seuret, eds.), Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis, Birkhauser, 2010.<br />4.     Decomposition principle and random cascades (avec J.-P. Kahane), AMS/IP in Advances in Mathematics, Vol. 42 (2008), 447-456.<br />5.     Recurrences in dynamical systems, 50-62, in Complex Dynamics and Related Topics, Eds Y.P. Jiang and Y. F. Wang, New Studies in Advanced Mathematics, Ser. Ed. S T. Yau, 2003, International Press, 2003.<br />6.     Decay of correlation for expanding toral endomorphisms, in Proc. Intern. Conf. Dynam. Syst., Beijing, 1998, World Scientific, (1999), 29?0.<br />7.     (with A.H. Dooley) Chains of Markovian projections and (G, Γ)-measures, in Trends in Probability and related analysis, ed. N. Kono and N.R. Shieh, World Scientific, 1997, 101?16.<br /><br /><strong>期刊论文</strong><br />1.     <strong>H. Fan</strong>, S. L. Fan, L. M. Liao and Y. F. Wang, <em>On minimal decomposition of p-adic homographic dynamical systems</em>, Adv. Math. 257 (2014), 92-135.<br />2.     <strong>A. H. Fan</strong>, T. Jordan, L. M. Liao and M. Rams, <em>Multifractal analysis for expanding interval maps with infinitely many branches</em>, (27 pages), Trans. AMS, to appear.<br />3.     <strong>A. H. Fan</strong>, J. Schmeling and S. Troubetzkoy, <em>A multifractal mass transference principle for Gibbs measures with applications to dynamical Diophantine approximation</em>, Proc. London Math. Soc?173?219?3) 107 (2013).<br />4.     <strong>A. H. Fan</strong>, L. M. Liao and J. Ma, <em>Level sets of multiple ergodic averages</em>, Monatsh. Math. 168 , 17-26 (2012).<br />5.      <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and B. W. Wang, <em>On the lengths of basic intervals in beta expansions</em>, Nonlinearity 25, 1329-1343 (2012).<br />6.     <strong>A. H. Fan</strong>, J. Schmeling and M. Wu, <em>Multifractal analysis of multiple ergodic averages </em>,Comptes Rendus Mathematiques, Vol 349, No.17-18, 961-964 (2011).<br />7.     <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and Y. Fares, <em>Minimal subsystems of affine dynamical systems on a local field</em>, Arch. Math. 96 , 423-434 (2011).<br />8.     <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and L. M. Liao, <em>On minimal decomposition of p-adic polynomial dynamical systems</em>, Advance in Mathematics, 228, no. 4, 2116-2144 (2011).<br />9.     <strong>A. H. Fan</strong>, L. M. Liao and J. H. Ma, <em>On the frequency of partial quotients of regular continued fractions</em>, Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc., (2010), 148, 179?92.<br />10.  <strong>A. H. Fan</strong>and D. Schneider, Recurrence properties of sequences of, Volume 53 No.3 (2010), Science China–Mathematics, Vol. 53 (3) (2010), 641-656.<br />11.  <strong>A. H. Fan</strong>, L. M. Liao and J. H. Ma , Dimension of Besicovitch-Eggleston sets in countable symbolic space, Nonlinearilty (2010).<br />12.  <strong>A. H. Fan</strong>, L. M. Liao and B. W. Wang, On Khintchine exponents and Lyapunov exponents of continued fractions ,  Erg. Th. Dynam. Syst., 29 (2009), 73-109.<br />13.  <strong>A. H. Fan,</strong>J. L. Chabert and Y. Fares, Minimal dynamical systems on a discrete valuation domain, Discrete and continuous dynamical systems, 25 (2009), no. 3, 777?95.<br />14.  <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>andX. Y. Zhang , Some properties of Riesz products on the ring of p-adic integers, J. Fourier Analysis and Application, 15 (2009), no. 4, 521?52.<br />15.  <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and L. M. Liao and J. Peyrière,  Generic points in systems of specification and Banach valued Birkhoff ergodic average, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Part A, 21 (4)(2008), 1103-1128.<br />16.  <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and M. T. Li, J. Y. Yao et D. Zhou,  Strict ergodicity of affine <em>p</em>-adic dynamical systems on <em>Zp</em>, Advances in Math., <strong>214 </strong>(2007), 666-700.<br />17.  <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and J. H. Zhang, Absolute continuity of the distribution of some Markov geometric series, Sci. China Ser. A 50 no. 11 (2007), 1521?528.<br />18.  <strong>A. H. Fan,</strong>B. W. Wang and J. WuArithmetic and metric properties of Oppenheim continued fraction expansions, J. Number Theory 127 (2007), no. 1, 64?2.<br />19.  <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and J. Wu,  A note on inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation with a general error function, Glasg. Math. J. 48 (2006), no. 2, 187?91.<br />20.  <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and K. Simon et H. R. Toth,   Random IFS with repelling on average common fix point, J. Stat. Phy. 122 (2006), no. 1, 169?93.<br />21.  J. Barral and <strong>A. H. Fan, </strong>Covering numbers of different points in Dvoretzky and Poisson,  Bull. Sci. Math., 129 (2005), no. 4, 275?17.<br />22.  <strong>A. H. Fan </strong>and  Y. P. Jiang et J. Wu , Asymptotic Hausdorff dimensions of Cantor sets associated with an asymptotically nonhyperbolic family, Ergod. Th. Dynam. Syst. 25 (2005), 1799-1808.<br />  </p> <h3 class="head4"></h3> <p>通信地址:华中师范大学数学与统计学院,武汉市430079<br />办公?  6号楼 518?br />电话? (027) 67862426<br />电子邮箱?a href="/html/szdw..info1040mailto:ahfan@mail.ccnu.edu.cn.html">ahfan@mail.ccnu.edu.cn</a>  </p> <div class="t-r"> (最后更新日期:2015-01-28) </div> </div></div> <div id="div_vote_id"></div> </div> </form> </DIV></DIV> <DIV class="clear"></DIV> </DIV> <DIV class="hezuo cleartf" style="clear: both"> <DIV class="linkWrap"> <DIV style="text-align: center;margin: 5px auto 0px"> <a href="/html/szdw..info1040....gywzwzjj.html" target="_blank" onfocus="undefined">网站简?/a> | <a href="/html/szdw..info1040....zxtg_content.jspurltypetree.TreeTempUrl&wbtreeid1078.html" target="_blank" onfocus="undefined">在线投稿</a> | <a href="/html/szdw..info1040....ldxx_content.jspurltypetree.TreeTempUrl&wbtreeid1081.html" target="_blank" onfocus="undefined">领导信箱</a> | <a href="/html/szdw..info1040....gywzyqlj.html" target="_blank" onfocus="undefined">友情链接</a> <BR> <FONT color="#000000"><A href="/html/szdw..info1040....index.html">版权所?© 2010 华中师范大学数学与统计学学院</A> </FONT></DIV></DIV></DIV> <script type="text/javascript" src="/tongji.js"></script></body></HTML>